Cher Stewart, The Web's Adventurist


Abilities, Stats & Attributes

  • Coding & Development
  • Gaming
  • Photography
  • Entertainment
  • Graphic Arts & Editing
  • Creativity
  • Positive Attitude
  • Cooperation
  • Communication

Innovative, inclusive, flexible, dedicated, fun, passionate, inquisitive, ambitious, diligent

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Coding abilities table

Coding & Development Skills

My beginnings in development were humble, good old HTML/CSS creating (gasp) table-based layouts. An avid EverQuest player, even at 14, I felt the desire to focus my life around the gaming community, taking leadership roles whenever possible. I started an incredibly popular guild, and seeing that other notable guilds on other servers had webpages listing their rosters and guild feats... of course I wanted one as well.

I wanted to go beyond what the basic webpage builders had to offer. I wanted my guild's site to be comprehensive and as beautiful as the game we immersed ourselves in.

I right-clicked a webpage, selected 'View Source' and began to learn to code. I capitalized on this new ability, snowballing my knowledge through the rest of my school years, growing into the skillset I have today.

Gaming image


Though I currently spend all of my free time playing World of Warcraft and League of Legends, I have been into many different platforms and game types throughout my life. I started on an SNES like most of my peers, moving through the consoles, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, the first PlayStation and the XBOX in high school.

My love for these console games were quickly eclipsed when I got my hands on my first MMO. Legends of Kesmai was a terribly pixelated click-to-move game, but I loved it. I was fighting dragons and achieving things I never thought possible. Following LoK, I was lucky enough to get into the EverQuest beta and I was hooked for the next 6 years. During this time, I also played MechWarrior: BattleTech, Warcraft III and the mod for it, DOTA.

After a small break from the online gaming community to complete other important milestones, I started to play World of Warcraft and League of Legends... and I haven't stopped since.

Photography image


Other than gaming and computers, a major hobby of mine is photography. I started shooting with a 1985 Pentax P3 in high school. I still have it, though it's being held together with duct tape. Today I take photos with a Nikon D90.

Shooting is only a small part of what I love about photography. While I love capturing the world as it is, manipulating photos is incredibly fun. Revealing things you see in an image that aren't really there so that other people can feel how you felt when you took it is a magical ability. A lot of people have so much distaste for the extinction of the darkroom for programs like Photoshop, but I feel like an entirely new genre of art was born with endless possibilities to invoke emotions in artists and art-lovers alike.

This love for photo editing has helped me discover tools and tricks to grow as a graphic designer, as well.

Entertainment image


I have loved entertaining and charming those surrounding me since I was a little girl. In theatre by the age of seven, I continued to act and provide comedic improvisation throughout my school years and into my early 20s. Throughout my life, I acquired many speaking roles at various events, from master's of ceremonies at school events, to hosting local competitions and charity events.

I currently participate in player-run livestreamed WoW tournaments and charity events, including planning, graphics, development needs and hosting.

One of my goals is to become more involved in the growth of esports as a source of quality, safe entertainment in the United States and beyond.

Art image

Graphic Arts & Editing

I have been into graphic design since I started coding in middle school, creating everything from logos to infographics, to backgrounds and banners. My design work has spread across several industries, real estate, restaurant, charity, music and gaming. I also ventured into print design for several of my clients, creating postcards, business cards, labels and more.

I've designed websites with not only cross-browser compatibility in mind, but out into the mobile space as well. My goal has always been to give the user the best, most consistent experience possible, no matter what device or browser that have to use.

This year, I began editing WoW PvP videos. I find it to be incredibly fun and I believe that searching for the perfect moments in each game I watch has made me a better player.


  1. Gannett/USA Today

    McLean, VA


    November 2011-Present

    • Developed and maintained front-end of 100+ mobile sites (grails/JSON/XML) and hybrid iPhone/Android applications for local Gannett markets across the United States.
    • Assisted in grails/groovy/velocity scripting in site maintenance and new feature additions.
    • Assisted in concept, design and development of a new, improved CMS for journalists working for USAT and Gannett.
    • Maintained front-end of the new USA Today desktop HTML5/CSS3 website. (Python/Django/JSON)
    • Completed light, fill-in design work.
  2. Neutrino, Inc

    Seattle, WA

    Front-End Developer

    January 2008-November 2011

    • Worked closely with the design team to translate Real Estate Website designs into pixel-perfect functioning sites using HTML5/CSS3/JS/PHP.
    • Explored technologies to enhance a user's experience in each site with emerging code and techniques.

    Seattle, WA

    Front-End Developer

    March 2006-January 2008

    • Developed and maintained front-end of hundreds of real estate desktop websites.
    • Assisted in ruby on rails development in site maintenance and enhancements.
    • Completed light, fill-in design work.
  4. (retired)

    Saint Louis, MO

    Designer & Developer

    March 2005-November 2011

    • Acquired and fulfilled contracts to concept, design and develop database-driven websites using Ruby on Rails and PHP.
    • Set-up and maintained web servers.
    • Explored emerging technologies with personal and pro-bono projects.
  5. University of Missouri

    Saint Louis, MO

    Physics & Astronomy

    September 2008-May 2011

  6. The Academy of Art

    Seattle, WA

    Photography & Web Design

    September 2005-May 2007


    Working with Cher

  • Share ideas and opinions. This will allow Cher to set up a combo using technology and creativity to develop an innovative and fresh experience on the web.
  • Benefit from Cher's passive, ambition, by collaborating on current projects and conceptualizing new ones. This will initiate personal growth, proccing a strength and progression bonus on existing products.
  • Cher has a notably positive attitude that stacks exponentially with diligence. As a group aura, Cher's positivity increases the enthusiasm of nearby coworkers. It is most effectively utilitized in close teamfights versus deadlines.

    Playing with Cher

  • Choose a tanky champion. As a support and mid-laner, Cher has a knack for selecting the squishiest of champions.
  • Cher likes to lead her calvary into advantageous teamfights, so make sure you stay in front of her champion. Initiating as Katarina is her leading cause of death.
  • Gank her lane. Cher plays her lane slowly as she becomes comfortable with unfamiliar roles and champions. While this keeps her from feeding, it also makes it difficult to win her lane quickly enough to roam and help others. Help her, and she'll help you, too.

    Playing against Cher

  • Play Diana.
  • Play Diana.
  • Seriously, just choose Diana. Cher will lose her lane while hugging her turret for dear life and like 0 cs.